Java Instrumentator for the Security Enforcement of Local policies

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Jisel is the rewriting engine of Jalapa. It redirects the security-relevant method calls to the enforcement mechanism, that decides whether blocking them or not.


java [properties] Jisel [options] input

where [properties] can be a combination of:

enforce the policies in <list> globally.


enforces the policies in <list> within their local scopes.


runs with debug informations from modules <mod> (ALL for all modules)


write debug info on file <file>

The set [options] can be any combination of:

-p <dir>

loads policies from <dir>

-o <dir>

writes output to <dir>

-m <main>

sets the application entry point to <main>

-pk <pkg>

uses <pkg> as package for instrumented classes


prints an help message.